Josh's first book "You’re Gonna Die Soon: The Key to Unlocking Happiness and Success" is NOW available!

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ABOUT Josh's book - " You're Gonna Die Soon: The key to unlocking happiness and success "

The world is a messy, scary, tumultuous place. People often look for a quick fix that will ease stress, but the source of true happiness and success doesn't come from obvious places. "You're Gonna Die Soon" approaches life's often-asked questions with humility, humor, and an everyday approach. Instead of relying on lofty ideas and confusing terms thought up by old men centuries ago, this book gives readers a conversational and accessible approach to succeeding in life – whether that's professionally, in relationships, or as a well-rounded human being. While the title may be about dying, this book is about life. Anyone who feels stuck in life, at their job, or in their relationships can appreciate the commonsense wisdom found in these pages. With short and digestible chapters, the lessons in this book may be earth shattering or a reminder of something readers have long since forgotten.

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